Team Lead and Programmer
4-person team
Ricochet Revenge is a neon retro shooter with a killer soundtrack. The player is a cyborg with an arm-cannon that fires ricochet lasers at waves of robotic enemies. Each wave grows in intensity as the player enacts their revenge for being trapped in an inescapable arena.
I designed and programmed the abilities and UI for the player. Also, I created and implemented the melee enemy behavior along with enemy wave spawning, which followed a danger level curve based on the danger value of the enemy type for a balanced experience. Additionally, I incorporated sound effects, music, created the post-processing effect in the game. As Team Lead, I delegated tasks for the 4-person team: including enemy AI, art, sound design, and level design, and UI menu design.
Software & Code
Developed in the Unity game engine with scripting in C#. Utilized Unity Teams for collaboration and version control. The team managed its documentation through Google Drive and communicated over Discord.
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