3-person team
Rebound is a 2D platformer where the level is only visible through the visualization of sound wave particles bouncing off surfaces. The player experiences the stages of grief by losing their sight and learning to accept their new circumstances.
I designed the technical implementation for our level loading system; the loading system used a scene for the level and one for the loading screen allowing the team to only have to maintain two scenes for gameplay. Also, I prototyped the particle effect that all audio clips use for sound wave visualization in the game. I implemented the bloom post-processing effect throughout the game. For the game, I programmed the enemy artificial intelligence to move, detect platforms and other enemies, and react to the player on collision. Using Unity’s new input system, I implemented Xbox controller support.
Software & Code
Rebound used Unity game engine along with scripting in C# for development. The designers created levels in Adobe Photoshop. The team utilized Unity Teams for version control, Google Drive for maintaining design documents and production schedule, and Discord for communication.
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