6-person team
Normal Pizza for Normal People follows the story of an alien who goes to Earth to research the most delicious food known to humans: Pizza. In Normal Pizza for Normal People, you construct pizzas with strange toppings and serve wacky pizzas to normal humans. Make enough profit each day to progress, and if you fail to make enough money, you will have to try again.

I prototyped the initial virtual reality functionality using SteamVR and Unity with the HTC Vive headset within two weeks. I implemented the core gameplay loop of placing toppings on pizzas, cooking pizzas, and completing customer orders during the prototype. The other programmer and I created a UML diagram to organize our codebase for refactoring at the start of production. Our goal for refactoring was to improve the architecture of core systems, make objects more easily extendable, and include programming design patterns. The gameplay systems that I worked on were: AI pathfinding for customers using the NavMesh system in Unity, the customer order creation system, and the behavior of customers. Also, I implemented the day progression system, which increased the money goal, the number of customers, and added new toppings and upgrades to the shop. The progression system changed from an endless mode to a series of levels, and I implemented those changes. For the audio, art, and UI: I worked closely with my other team members to include their assets into the game.​​​​​​​
Software & Code
Normal Pizza for Normal People utilized Unity and C# scripting for development and integrated SteamVR for VR support. The team used GitHub for version control and planned milestone tasks on Trello.
Normal Pizza for Normal People has been submitted to IndieCade Festival 2020 - Anywhere & Everywhere and was finished at the end of post-production in December 2020. The game can be downloaded from and requires SteamVR and a compatible VR headset.

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