Four scientists from the International Space Federation (ISF) need to complete five different missions on Mars. Upon landing on Mars, they must construct a base with the necessary habitats and meals to live on the Red Planet. Once the scientists have established the necessities for life, they can begin to expand the base to collect data for their missions. However, the Martian planet is a harsh environment, and hazards continuously impede their missions’ progress. Also, the scientist came with limited base resources, and once they run out, maintaining an operational base will become impossible. The mission fails if the destruction of the base happens before the scientists can complete their goals. If the scientists can overcome all the odds, then their Mars mission will be a success. So, gather up your top scientists and try and beat the odds in Mars Base.
I created the game’s rules and systems through prototypes and playtesting. Using player feedback, I clarified the rules and cards by integrating icons and diagrams.
I designed the card art and layout in Adobe In-Design and Illustrator and managed the card data in Microsoft Excel.
Currently being developed as a side project.

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